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Our Services

We do not leave you alone!

One of our important policies is that we do not leave anyone alone after any sale.

support with your inspection task

We would be happy to make you an individual offer and help you on site with your inspection task. Get in touch with us for more details.


product training

First of all, with every sale of an equipment we provide a training program covering an introduction to the technology, to the product and we help our customers with their applications. 

Of course such training needs to be tailored to the customer's requirement, his backgound, experience and Know-How.

But that's not all! Experience shows that even the best training is no guarantee that the equipment can be used properly. Especially in the beginning, there might be a number of questions coming up, whether it refers to the instrument's features, its operation or related to the application task.

We provide free phone support and also free remote sessions in some cases. In these remote sessions we can perform demonstrations on the instrument itself.

Just call us and we will do our best to resolve any issue you may have.


Repair and verification of calibration

United NDT is fully equipped with all necessary equipment required for calibration services. We offer calibration services for all the Flaw Detector products in our portfolio according to manufacturer instructions.

We also provide repair services, even to component level.

Usually the turnaround time is 3 to 5 days depending on the product to be calibrated or repaired.

In cases where extensive repair is required and/or spare parts are not on stock, we provide instruments on loan. 


Feasibility Study

Whenever it is uncertain whether ultrasonic inspection is the right method to inspect a particular product, the very first step is to ask a person who has the experience in ultrasonic inspection.


United NDT staff has more than 40 years experience and is able to give you first advise about the right inspection method. This first consultancy is free of charge. So don't hesitate to contact us! Very often clarification can be given in just one phone call.


Of course, there are cases where some basic tests have to be made on a sample to investigate about the possible difficulties in testing a part ultrasonically. Also here we are providing an initial test on a sample free of charge.


If the inspection is possible, some definition must be made about the flaw size and flaw location etc. detectable. This requires some more work and for such investigation we offer a feasibility study. Usually such work in our application laboratory will take 1-2 days and costs between Euro 860 to Euro 1720. A Lab report, often supported by a video, will be submitted to the client describing the tests made, the findings and also gives a recommendation for the equipment to be used.       

Let's Work Together

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