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ISONIC 2009 UPA Scope is featured with the unique Tandem-B-Scan cross-sectional coverage and imaging technique, thanks to which the reliable detection of the vertical and close to vertical planar defects in the welds, plates, tubes and vessels walls, rails, and the like is provided. 64-elements linear array probes are required for the implementation

On entering the material thickness and the desired grid size the instrument determines the coverage strategy automaticallyfor every focal law to be implemented the focal points of the emitting and receiving aperture do match with each other and with the center of the corresponding grid cell

The independent gain per focal law adjustment equalizes the sensitivity over the whole covered cross-section of the material for the variety of implemented incidence angles and corresponding sound path lengths and wedge losses

For each focal law the time base of the A-Scan is settled automatically providing the appearance of possible defect echoes at 50%-position; the echo amplitudes are represented on the Tandem B-Scan by the corresponding color; placing cursor over the desired cell reproduces the corresponding ray trace and the A-Scan

ISONIC 2009 UPA Scope allows forming a group of tandem focal laws and implementing them simultaneously forming a strip chart - this mode of operation allows quick line-scanning of the narrow gap welds with zonal discrimination

ISONIC Tandem B-Scan

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